Forum 2: Timeless

13 November 2014 – 8 pm

Deutsche Kinemathek - Potsdamer Straße 2 – 10785 Berlin –


By looking at Europe through the lens of time we want to address the ambivalences of the process of European integration. Politicians often think of integration of new member states in the European Union in terms of a “modernization queue”, as the geographer Doreen Massey from the Open University calls it. At the bottom of this belief lies the assumption that with time, these countries, their economies and society, will converge and become alike the West. There are places, though, in the middle of Europe, where ‘time stands still’. Their existence provokes us to ask whether it is right or wrong to insist that they change, converge. The lens of synchrony or its luck enables us to discuss how to preserve and celebrate Europe’s diversity while assuring that people and places which do not ‘modernize’ still participate. But the lens of time is also productive to think of how some problems Europe now faces seem endless, without the beginning and the end, and how individual life course, subjective social time, is asynchronous with the developments in politics and economies in Europe. – Magdalena Nowicka, Project Leader


Please find below extracts form the discussion. Please have in mind that the Forum 2 was hold partly in German.

1. Étienne François, Irit Dekl und Anca Paunesco über ein Leben außerhalb der Zeit.



Forum 2 Leben außerhalb der Zeit from BBAW on Vimeo.


2. Étienne François und  Irit Dekl zu Exodus und Erinnerung.



Forum 2 Exodus und Erinnerung from BBAW on Vimeo.




Étienne François
Historian, professor at the Free University in Berlin and Member of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities


Irit Dekel
Sociologist at Bard College in Berlin and specializes in memory and media studies


Moderation: Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck


The Films:


miniyamba-luc-perez4Miniyamba- Walking Blues

Luc Perez

Denmark 2012 – 14:30 min


Music is timeless, so the desire of people to live in freedom and be free to realize their dreams. Time melts into infinity in this film.




TheHill2The Hill

Anca Paunescu

Czech Republic/ Romania 2013 – 23 min


Where the time stands still: an isolated and archaic settlement in the Romanian mountains. Here time has another pace. The life of people there makes us question our drive for modernization.




Koit_fromKoit from Lauküla

Maria Kivirand & Robi Uppin

Estonia 2012 – 5 min


Time can be measured in many ways: in this film, the old woman in Estonia mixed her personal time with great historical events in Europe.




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