Forum 1: Borderless

13 November 2014 – 5 pm

Deutsche Kinemathek - Potsdamer Straße 2 – 10785 Berlin


Each of the three films we selected tells its own story, with different means and aims. Together, they give us yet another possibility to talk about the borders and boundaries in Europe. The materiality and brutality of Europe’s external borders is controversially discussed in the science and in the politics and it enters our living rooms whenever we watch the TV news. We often cannot remain unaffected when we see children trying to pass the high walls and electric fences in hope for safe and decent future in Europe. But in fact, boundaries are integrated into the life of each of us inside of Europe as well. We might symbolically, with gestures and sights, manifest the distance between us and a beggar in a commuter train, and confirm yet another boundary. And some of us try to work against this kind of exclusion. But these non-material borders are perhaps more difficult to cross and to remove that the fences of the “fortress Europe”.  The films we gathered in this category question the easy distinctions of the insiders and outsiders, and ask whether the encounters, if at all, and how, could help us to remove some of the boundaries inside and outside of Europe.

Magdalena Nowicka (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)


Please find below extracts form the discussion. Please have in mind that the Forum 1 was hold mostly in German.

1. Stephan Dünnwald und Matthias Christen gehen der Frage nach “Wo ist Europa?”



Forum 1 Wo ist Europa from BBAW on Vimeo.


2. Stephan Dünnwald und Matthias Christen über die Entstehung der Idee Europa.



Forum 1 Wie entsteht die Idee Europa from BBAW on Vimeo.


3. Stephan Dünnwald, Matthias Christen and Maja Kekonius question borders.



Forum 1 Warum Grenzen from BBAW on Vimeo.


4. Stephan Dünnwald, Matthias Christen and Maja Kekonius on Harbors



Film Award: Forum1 – Harbour from BBAW on Vimeo.




Magdalena Nowicka

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



Maja Kekonius
Filmmaker, screenplay writer and film producer. She directed “L´Europe Modern”


Stephan Dünnwald  
Social anthropologist associated with the Lab for Critical Migration and Borders Research at the KAEE Göttingen University and member of the Bavarian Refugee Council (Bayerischer Flüchtlingsrat)


Matthias Christen
Media theorist from the University in Bayreuth and has worked on cosmopolitan and transnational cinema.


Moderation: Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck



The Films:


HellasHell1Hellas Hell

Romina Peñate

Spain, Greece 2011 – 14:30 min


The maritime border between Italy and Greece constitutes now the  route for migrants and refugee to reach the Europe  and to avoid the ‘Hell’ in Greece.



L´Europe_modern_film-515x343L´Europe Moderne

Maja Kekonius

Sweden 2013 – 13 min


A young girl from Sweden seeks fun  and friends in Marseille. She wants to belong, become one of them. Does she manage?




TriptoLemuriaA trip to Lemuria

Pierre Marie, Braye Weppe

Germany/France 2013 – 9 min


An older couple wants to attend the wedding of their sun in Lemuria. They apply for a permission to enter this place. Will they manage to get it?




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