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Gabriele Lucca – Italy, 2014 – 2:10 min – Short Fiction


Freedom tastes like the air you breathe. Freedom looks like the places where the air is still clean, where you can be alone, where nobody limits you. This film is about a basic human need for freedom of movement. But freedom of movement is not just about travel, it is about being in a position to take the liberty of deciding on your own life. It is about the basic human desire to control own steps in life. The very subtle reference to the Schengen agreement gives a new dimension to this film. Freedom of movement experienced by the resident of Italy is not available to so many in the world outside of Europe.


Freiheit schmeckt wie die Luft, die man atmet. Freiheit sieht so aus wie die Orte, wo die Luft noch sauber ist, wo man alleine sein kann, wo niemand einem Grenzen setzt. Der Film behandelt das Grundbedürfnis der Freizügigkeit. Aber die Freizügigkeit betrifft nicht nur die Reisefreiheit. Man muss in der Lage sein, über die Freiheit des eigenes Lebens zu verfügen.  Es geht um das Bedürfnis nach der Kontrolle der eigenen Schritte im Leben. Der sehr subtile Verweis auf das Schengener Abkommen verleiht dem Film eine weitere Dimension. Freizügigkeit, erfahren durch einen Bewohner von Italien, ist so vielen Menschen außerhalb Europas nicht zugänglich.


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Very true! Makes a change to see someone spell it out like that. :)

Great hammer of Thor, that is powerfully helpful!

I found just what I was needed, and it was entertaining!

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Loved the cinematography – kudos. Nice use of VO with shots. Got a sense of the main character & his relationship w/ the caller through dialogue & music & voice acting.
Wonderful big message in little time.


Yes and but: The but comes from the other film “The crossing point”. The freedom of movement is – clearly – the freedom of the wealthy. and I mean “our” kind of wealth: education, social peace, real peace and the consciousness of our own rights in combination with the – even if doubted sometimes – legal possibility to enforce the own rights in society. we are insiders, struggeling with economical problems, life style issues and our relationships. but we are not caught.


A very relaxing way of talking about such big things as freedom… A great combination of audio and visual tools – landscapes, relaxed conversation – why can’t we talk about the freedom of movement in the EU in such ways, always?

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