The Price of Freedom


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Eleanor Mortimer – Italy / England 2012 – 24 min – Documentary

Europe thinks and speaks of those who come and want to stay. It forgets those who do not make it to Europe and die of the way, neither of those who are left behind. The film reverses the European view, documents grief of mothers in Tunisia, shows the very human face of the revolutions and desire for freedom without allegoric images and words.


Europa denkt und spricht ausschließlich über diejenigen, die hier kommen und bleiben wollen. Europa vergisst diejenigen, die es hierher nicht geschafft haben und auf dem Weg gestorben oder verschwunden ist. Der Film ändert die Perspektive und dokumentiert den Trauer der Mütter in Tunesien, zeigt das menschliches Gesicht der Revolutionen und des Verlangens nach Freiheit.


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I went to tons of links before this, what was I thinking?

I like how you talk about our dedication to srstes . That’s a great way of putting it. I’ve been noticing this a lot lately. How dedicated I am to my own srstes, anxiety, and fear. Really all the same thing. And what I observe is that it all comes out of being a slave to the need to control everything. I am dedicated, no addicted, to control. How exhausting!

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