In the Countryside


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Dennis Schanz – Germany 2012 – 16:30 min – Short Fiction

A young boy in the countryside, who tries to fit and to find his place in the society. The film about growing up but also about being alone and about Europe.


Ein Junger auf dem Land, der versucht, sich anzupassen und seinen Platz zu finden. Ein Film über das Erwachsen werden aber auch über das Allein sein und über Europa.


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Ya learn something new everyday. It’s true I guess!

I’m not easily impressed. . . but that’s impressing me! :)

Cool! That’s a clever way of looking at it!

You can always tell an expert! Thanks for contributing.

I’m really into it, thanks for this great stuff!

Filalny! This is just what I was looking for.

Lorako mou, megalourgisses kai bravo sou! Poly oraia anslasyi kai se vathos! San tavros pou eimai me oroskopo partheno, perimeno, perimeno, perimeno …narthei!! Eleos pia, varethika na perimeno! Sto epomeno arthro sou, grapse ligo perissotera gia ta aisthimatika ton tavron , an ginetai…!I am the godess Diana…pou milissame prin ligo…


Most impressing was the subtly observed isolation of the boy. it seems to be a geminated isolation: being adolescent and being a stranger. also very interessting: never ever I saw that so clear narrated: Integrate! Is a Demande, which has to be fulfilled without any assistance or support. Great film!


So true: Countryside hard stuff!

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